Welcome to the Ag Robotics Lab! (Immediate opening - Postdoc position)

  • precision ag photo
  • uav system
  • corn nitrogen
  • wheat phenotyping
  • Wheat phenotyping

Our mission is to apply advanced ideas of robotics, remote sensing, data mining and information technology into precision agriculture. The core techniques we use include multispectral/hyperspectral imaging, spectroscopy, machine learning, geographic information system (GIS), digital mapping, biochemical sensing, etc. The tools available for carrying out our researches are unmanned aerial vehicle, unmanned ground vehicle, video camera, multispectral camera, hyperspectral camera, DGPS, and various electrical, optical and chemical sensors.

#BBEProud! President Kaler Visiting AgRobot Lab
President Kaler 1            President Kaler 2          President Kaler 3


Hyperspectral Camera Flying Over UMN St Paul Experimental Field 

Experimental Fields and Green Houses on UMN St Paul Campus in 3D

Grow North MN Featuring AgRobot Group