Quadruped project blog posts

This post focuses on introducing and reporting the progress of our quadruped project for high-throughput phenotyping.

Red Dog Quadruped


In the middle of 2022, the first quadruped was tested on an uneven road and the performance was not up to par with what was expected due to the legs not being strong enough struggling to get up at times. To solve this a more robust brushless robot dog was thought of but to make the control systems work for it a mock dog aka Red Dog was developed to test the capabilities of the Chvmp motion control algorithm.  

First Quadruped Short Summary


Back in 2021 the Yang lab begun to brainstorm with different ways to solve the problem of traversing through an open uneven field for real time FHP phenotyping. After taking into consideration multiple designs the quadruped platform was chosen. The Quadruped robot would be able to traverse through areas of the field where wheel robots would get stuck providing an alternative.